June 16, 2023

The California Landlord’s Guide for Commercial Leasing

California is a huge and varied state, and the considerations a commercial landlord might have can be very different if you’re operating a small parcel of real estate in the middle of nowhere or a large facility in the heart of one of our major cities. Fortunately – or unfortunately, depending on your perspective – the considerations you’ll have when […]
June 11, 2023

The 7 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Writing a Living Trust

Anyone who has amassed any significant assets throughout their life likely wants to know that those assets will be handled appropriately when they pass. There are a variety of ways this can happen, but one of the more proactive options is to create a living trust. However, there are a handful of ways that a living trust can go wrong, […]
June 3, 2023

Triple Net Leases: What is a Triple Net Property in California?

There are several different kinds of leases out there, preferred by different people in different situations. One such lease type, called Triple Net, Net-Net-Net, or NNN, is often the preferred method of leasing for commercial landlords. How does it work, why is it preferred, and is it any different in California versus the rest of the country? Let’s dig in. […]
May 26, 2023

How Do Probate Real Estate Sales Work in San Diego?

There are a lot of different ways that properties hit the market. Sales by owners, sales by brokers, and sales by banks from foreclosures; they can all present opportunities to purchase properties at just the right moment, for just the right price, if you keep a lookout. One possible avenue for purchasing a property, especially if you know what you […]
May 19, 2023

Rezoning a Commercial Property to Residential in San Diego

One of the biggest challenges for a property owner and real estate investor today is dealing with the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. Covid truly shifted the way we see work and society, and it massively boosted the number of businesses turning to hybrid, flexible, or entirely remote work. In most cases, this change showed improvements in productivity, job satisfaction, […]
May 12, 2023

Understanding San Diego’s New Tenant Protection Ordinance

Just a few days ago, the city council of San Diego voted to approve a Tenant Protection Ordinance. The ordinance is viewed as highly controversial, with vocal opposition from landlords across the board. What does the ordinance do, though, and why are people up in arms about it? There’s a lot of very biased reporting out there, so let’s try […]
May 5, 2023

Ultimate Guide to Property Taxes in San Diego (Updated 2023)

Property taxes are often a significant expense for homeowners, real estate investors, and corporations that own their own facilities. It’s a big enough expense that it’s worth knowing everything there is to know about it, and proper forecasting can be critical to finances throughout the year. How San Diego Property Taxes Work One of the most challenging aspects of property […]
April 28, 2023

What is a Step-Up in Basis and Does It Apply in San Diego?

When considering real estate, there are a lot of different ways that value is calculated and how that value applies to other calculations. One important concept is the “step-up in basis” that occurs upon inheriting property. There are a few key concepts you need to learn as you understand how inheriting property affects your taxes, so let’s start from the […]
April 21, 2023

How Proposition 19 Affects Inherited Property for Californians

Proposition 19 was passed in November 2020 and enacted on September 30, 2021, making significant changes to the way real estate is handled in certain situations throughout California.  The Fact Sheet provided by the California state government provides more information, but if you don’t want to comb through it to figure it all out for yourself, I’ve worked to make it […]